Introducing LAUTIE Shuffle V3 AAA/AKQ

Dear customers,

Lautie Shuffle has always been a popular fidget toy among many EDC players for its simple playability and unique tactile feedback. As a result, players often ask us if there will be a new generation of Shuffle.

Shuffle V3 is here.


Today, we are so excited to answer this common question: YES! The new generation of Shuffle is coming today!

We are pleased to introduce Lautie’s new product – Shuffle V3!
After the iterations of the first two generations of Shuffle, the new Shuffle V3 has undergone bold innovations based on its predecessors. We not only increased the level of detail but also innovatively designed the Shuffle V3 with a 3-layer card body structure, which gives Shuffle V3 stronger tactile feel and a more comfortable hand feel than its predecessors.
The Shuffle V3 has two versions, one is the standard edition named AAA, and the other is the limited edition named AKQ, both two are made of zirconium alloy.
Due to production capacity and PayPal pre-sale policies, we cannot start long-term pre-sales. Therefore, we can only provide a small number of available inventory on our international official website.
Currently, there is only a little amount of stock available for each version on our official website. The Shuffle V3 AAA standard edition will be restocked as soon as possible after it sells out, so you don’t have to worry about missing it.
The Shuffle V3 AKQ is a limited edition product, and our official website only provides 20 available units. Once sold out, it will not be restocked. If you have a special affection for limited edition products, please don’t miss it!
Shuffle V3 will officially go on sale on April 14, 2023. Please refer to the following image for the exact release time.
Thank you for your support of Lautie products!


Sincerely yours,

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