Introducing the LAUTIE X DZ Co-Branded TOP-D Mechanical Slider.

What is TOP-D?

TOP-D “Deep Fried Dough Sticks” by Metal Toys DZ is a highly acclaimed fidget toy that has gained popularity for its unique mechanical structure design and distinctive gameplay.

This TOP-D Mechanical Slider features a magnet-free design, offering a different force feedback with its simple mechanical structure. The resettable slider push design allows you to experience a unique sensation while playing with it.

In order to let more fidget toy enthusiasts know about this excellent product, LAUTIE has partnered with Metal Toys DZ to jointly design and release a new version of TOP-D that incorporates elements from the LAUTIE 2099 series. We have added the iconic SAM skull logo and the slogan “Don’t play with the devil” to make the new TOP-D more identifiable.

The TOP-D is a limited edition product with a global limit of 699 pieces.

If you are interested in the new version of TOP-D, please visit the product page to learn more about TOP-D.

Go to the product page

1 thoughts on “Introducing the LAUTIE X DZ Co-Branded TOP-D Mechanical Slider.

  1. Manuel Lavdas says:

    are you gonna build more of these?? if yes please could you let me know, I want to purchase one of these, thanks in advance

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