This is the HateDust bottle opener, co-branded by LAUTIE and The HateDust Project.

Dear EDC enthusiasts,

In the past few years, we collaborated with The HateDust Project and designed a limited edition Dealer Fidget Spinner with the HateDust theme.

This collaborative product received great feedback from our player community, and we often receive inquiries about whether we will release more HateDust-themed products.

This time, we are thrilled to announce that LAUTIE has once again partnered with The HateDust Project to bring you a brand new HateDust Bottle Opener!

Building upon the original design of the HateDust Bottle Opener, we have added innovative elements that align with LAUTIE’s design style, giving this HateDust Bottle Opener the appearance of an adorable, rounded pig.

If you are interested in The HateDust Project, then don’t miss out on this LAUTIE-Style HateDust bottle opener.

Please note that this is a limited edition product, with only 500 pieces available worldwide.

Due to allocation reasons, we can only offer 30 units for sale on our official website, and once sold out, we will not restock them.

Thank you for your interest in Lautie products.

Sincerely yours,


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