Marshal, the first Bolt Action Pen from LAUTIE EDC is coming soon!

Dear EDC enthusiasts,

As we know, the Bolt Action Pen has always been a hot topic of discussion within the EDC community. As a company dedicated to designing and producing EDC products, we have a strong interest in this type of product.

In the past two years, we have been secretly designing a Bolt Action Pen with a LAUTIE style. However, due to our lack of experience in designing and manufacturing the Bolt Action Pens and our high standards for product quality, the design process for the LAUTIE Bolt Action Pen has been filled with challenges and several reiterations.

After two years of development, we have finally crafted the first Bolt Action Pen that belongs to LAUTIE – the Marshal. Marshal is a Bolt Action Pen that incorporates the LAUTIE design language. While preserving the classic bolt action mechanism of Bolt Action Pens, we have infused more elements from other LAUTIE products, aiming to give it a higher level of recognition and make it truly LAUTIE style!

Thanks to our experience in producing mechanical products, Marshal possesses a reliable mechanical mechanism and exquisite details, reflecting our pursuit of high-quality products in every aspect.

In terms of the writing experience, Marshal’s excellent ergonomic design, combined with Schneider ink refill, provides a comfortable grip and a smooth and seamless writing experience.

Marshal is available in two material versions: Titanium Alloy version and Zirconium Alloy version. Since this is our first Bolt Action Pen, we will not offer it as a regular product for long-term sale. Both two versions are limited edition products, with only 199 units available worldwide for each version. However, due to inventory allocation reasons, our official website will only have 20 units available for each version for sale. Once sold out, there will be no restocking.

If you are interested in LAUTIE Bolt Pens and enjoy collecting limited edition products, then Marshal might be an excellent choice for you.

Thank you for your attention to LAUTIE.


Sincerely yours,


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