2023 Flagship Product: LAUTIE JACKPOT

Dear Subscribers,
Since the official launch of LAUTIE’s website, we’ve been honored by the overwhelming support from our fans. Whether you’ve supported us through purchasing our products, silently following our updates, or offering us invaluable advice and critique, we see it all as precious support and we’re sincerely grateful.

What’s new?
We’ve paid close attention to your inquiries and suggestions about LAUTIE’s capacity for innovation.
Over the past year, even though we’ve maintained a monthly release of new products, some fans have suggested they crave something truly breathtaking, not just iterative upgrades of regular items. To this, our answer is YES!
After months of secret development, we are thrilled to announce this year’s blockbuster product—JACKPOT! Your handheld slot machine!

Just one look at the Jackpot and you’ll see it’s a truly unique EDC item. Its design stands out radically from other EDC items and it offers a distinct way to play compared to other fidget toys.
Drawing inspiration from last century’s popular mechanic slot machines and blending it with modern EDC culture, the Jackpot stands out both in outlook and playability, making it a highly recognizable EDC item.
Jackpot is a richly playful and comfortably tactile fidget toy. It can be a spinner top in your hand, a stress-relieving magnetic toy, or even your personalized pendant, necklace, or knife charm…
The built-in magnets provide a plethora of tactile feedback. With all magnets removed, the dice on Jackpot spin as smoothly as a fingertip top; and as you add more magnets, the bouncy vibration feedback during spinning becomes increasingly pronounced.

Moreover, Jackpot is a product of highly modular design. Despite the handheld version consists of a whopping 62 parts, we still endow it a tremendous DIY expandability. We also offer a wide range of spare parts for Jackpot, allowing you to freely mix and match to create your beloved Jackpot.
SO, If you ask me what Jackpot is, my answer is: it depends on how you define it.

This time, we’ve decided to launch up to 7 variants/materials of Jackpot for you to choose from, each with its unique characteristics and interchangeable parts with each other.
As LAUTIE’s heavyweight product of the year, we have prepared standard editions and limited editions(Zirconium Alloy Version) for your choice.

Flexible Limited Edition Rules
If you are interested in the Limited Edition product, please read the Flexible Limited Edition Rules instructions first.

If you are an EDC enthusiast who loves to explore novel items, then this Jackpot might just take your breath away!
Thank you for your support of LAUTIE,
Sincerely yours,
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