LAUTIE “Carnival Nano” Spinner is now coming soon!

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The Carnival Spinner, one of LAUTIE’s most popular products, has received considerable customer acclaim since its release. However, as we all know, every product has its shortcomings. Even the highly praised Carnival Spinner may not fully meet the needs of certain EDC enthusiasts, notably due to its size, which may not be conducive to everyday carry.

What’s new?

To address this concern and make the Carnival Spinner more convenient for daily carry, we have specially designed a new version called the Carnival Nano. As an iteration of the original Carnival Spinner, the Carnival Nano boasts a more rounded and minimalist appearance, with its compact size allowing for easy pocket carry. 

New Design:

Compared to the original, the Carnival Nano features a new semi-enclosed structure design, allowing for smoother rolling of the beads against the inner wall and preventing the beads from easily splashing and falling off.

Magnetic Carnival Spinner:

Furthermore, we have incorporated the unique magnetic structure design from the Mechanic Ring series into this product. By adjusting the number of magnets inside, you can alter the spinning feedback of the roulette. In 0-magnet mode, it spins smoothly and for a long time, similar to the original Carnival Spinner. As the number of magnets increases, the spinning time of the roulette gradually shortens, accompanied by increasingly distinct ratchet drum sound effects, making each spin full of fun.

As usual, we offer a standard edition and a limited edition for you to choose from.

Due to production constraints and inventory allocation limitations, our official website will only offer 50 units of the limited edition Carnival Nano for sale. Once sold out, there will be no restocking.

If you are fascinated by the unique design and entertainment value of the Carnival Spinner but desire a more compact and portable version, then the Carnival Nano may be just what you’re looking for.

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