Share Your EDC Moments: Join Our Exciting EDC Photo Contest!

Dear LAUTIE Homies.

We are delighted to meet again!

Since we ventured into the niche yet unique EDC (Every Day Carry) items industry, we have often seen EDC enthusiasts share their cherished LAUTIE photos on social media. Many of these photos are beautifully composed and richly detailed, truly masterpieces!

It’s undeniable that everyone expresses different emotions towards their beloved items. Some snapshots are casual captures of daily life, yet they record moments of joy amidst the monotony of life. These “Moments” on everyone’s timeline are highlights of their lives and a genuine part of each person’s existence. We are very happy to see LAUTIE products accompany and participate in your daily lives, and your interesting records and sharing convey a warm social energy.

EDC Moments:

This sparked an interesting idea for us,

Perhaps we can build a community together:

An open, wall-free community,

A community that loves sharing and celebrating the everyday,

Everyday carry; Everyday share!

From now on, we are launching a long-term event: EDC MOMENT.

Each event will have an interesting theme. You need to share a photo that meets the event’s requirements for a chance to win exquisite prizes provided by LAUTIE below:

(Example Photo)

Here is the prize list for this event:

No.1 Prize: Noiz-C (SUS304); No.2 Prize: StrawberryCrash (Zirc); No.3 Prize: Pendant Jackpot (Brass); No.4 Prize: Sam-Ring (Brass); No.5 Prize: Bit-01 (SUS304); No.6 Prize: Bit-04 (Brass); No.7 Prize: Mechanic-C (Al); No.8 Prize: Capacitor (Ti-Blue); No.9 Prize: LAUTIE X FOXBAT AA-6 Portable Bag; No.10 Prize: LAUTIE X BICYCLE Poker Cards.

Additionally, we want every participant to feel rewarded! So, even if your work meets the requirements but doesn’t win a prize, you can also message @Lautie Assistant for a $5 coupon.

Here are the basic introduction and requirements for the event:

Current Theme: LAUTIE IN MY CITY

Event Duration: May 17, 2024 – June 15, 2024

Content Requirements:

Number of Photos: 1 (Quality over quantity, we only accept one photo per person)

Quality Requirement: The photo must be clear enough for us to recognize the LAUTIE product and its surrounding environment.

The photo must include at least one LAUTIE product, with a background of your city’s landmarks, buildings, streets, or widely recognized landmarks (recommended). You can add a brief text description to describe the moment you are sharing. We believe a moment worth recording carries your unique feelings and memories (not mandatory).

Please make sure to add #Lautie and @Lautie Assistant in your post description.

If your work meets the above requirements, you can post it in our Facebook group within the event period to participate. We will offer exquisite prizes to the top 10 submissions with the most likes. Different LAUTIE products will be awarded based on the ranking of likes.

PS: All eligible submissions will be publicly displayed on our official website. We welcome all Homies to join and become part of this community story!

Example Photos

Agreement Statement: If you decide to submit a photo for our event, you agree to allow us to publicly display your work on the LAUTIE official website.

This time, we are inviting everyone with sincerity to share joy and create an energetic EDC community together. We warmly welcome everyone to join us!

Thank you for your time,


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    • LAUTIE EDC says:

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We use Facebook group as our platform for the event because we want everyone to share their work and interact with each other.

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