Introducing the “Wormhole” Pendant.

Dear LAUTIE Subscribers,
We are thrilled to reconnect with you through this email. We have a question for you: Are you a sci-fi fan? If you are, that’s awesome—we share the same passion!
As a group of science fiction enthusiasts, we often think about how we can incorporate sci-fi elements into LAUTIE products. Previously, we released some sci-fi-themed fidget spinners, such as the Noiz and Bit series…
However, not everyone likes fidget spinners. Considering the preferences of other friends, we decided to design a brand-new product filled with sci-fi elements.

What’s new?

Introducing the “Wormhole” Pendant!
Inspired by science fiction movies, we have integrated the concept of a wormhole into this pendant. Through clever structural design, we have achieved a visual effect where the paracord disappears on one side and reappears on the other as if passing through a miniature Einstein-Rosen bridge.

The “Wormhole” Pendant

This “Wormhole” pendant combines the geometric aesthetics of circles and squares, connected by a concave tunnel in the middle, making the pendant look like a miniature wormhole model. The paracord can pass along the edge of the concave tunnel, creating the illusion of the paracord vanishing and reappearing. Hence the name “Wormhole” Pendant.

As usual, we offer standard and limited editions for the new product.
The zirconium alloy/brass material is for the limited edition. Due to inventory allocation across our platforms, our official website only provides 10 units of the limited edition “Wormhole” Pendant for sale. Once sold out, they will not be restocked (unless there are customer returns, which will update the inventory).

If you are a sci-fi fan and need a pendant to decorate your EDC gear, this “Wormhole” Pendant might be a good choice.
Thank you for your support.
Sincerely yours,
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