NEW TYPE: Pendant Spinner “Sugar Cube” is now coming!

Hello, friends.
We are delighted to meet you again!
This time, we are excited to introduce another new pendant product – the “Sugar Cube” pendant. As the name and design suggest, this product draws its inspiration from sweet sugar cubes.

“Sugar Cube” Pendant:

The “Sugar Cube” is an exquisite decorative pendant that combines both aesthetics and fun. As a decorative item its simple, rounded appearance makes it a beautiful accessory for various items, such as necklaces, knife lanyards, and keychains. Moreover, it doubles as a mini fidget spinner that you can play with whenever you feel bored while out and about, serving as a fun EDC toy.

As usual, we offer limited and standard editions for the new products.
Due to inventory balancing across our different stores, our official website will only have 30 units of the limited edition “Sugar Cube” pendant available for sale. Once sold out, they will not be restocked (updates may occur if there are order cancellations).

If you want to add a decorative touch to your beloved EDC items, the “Sugar Cube” is worth considering!
Thank you for your support,

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