LautieEDC BeetleCrash & StrawberryCrash, Metal Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy, Spy Wars Series.


Design Inspiration: The design inspiration for this product comes from the bubble wrap bag. When tiny bubbles are squeezed and burst, they emit a delightful popping sound and provide comfortable tactile feedback. We are dedicated to recreating this comfortable feeling in LAUTIE’s metal fidget toys.

Stress Reliever: The product is equipped with densely arranged bubble simulation buttons. When you press them, they make a faint bubble-popping sound and provide you with comfortable tactile feedback. The product is unique because these bubble simulation buttons can be repeatedly pressed, meaning you don’t have to worry about them losing their function. Feel free to encourage them to release your anxiety.

Two Variants: We have designed two variants for this product: BeetleCrash and StrawberryCrash. BeetleCrash has a beetle-like appearance and has more bubble simulation buttons than StrawberryCrash, so it is suitable as a desktop toy and decoration. StrawberryCrash is smaller with fewer bubble simulation buttons, making it ideal as a portable pendant so you can use it anytime, anywhere.