LautieEDC Bit-00 Fidget Spinner, Bit Series


Dual Versions: The Bit-00 has two versions, namely the two-leaf version and the three-leaf version. The two versions have a significant difference in feel, with the two-leaf version being lighter and the three-leaf version having a more stable rotation.

Minimalist Design: Simple is more, without any unnecessary complexity in the design, creating a pure fidget spinner.

DIY Expandability: The Bit-00 adopts a modular design, which can meet your DIY needs. Most parts are detachable and replaceable, and can also be used with the connecting rod of the Noiz-C-Nano to make the Bit-00 a unique EDC item.

Differentiated Side Lock Design: The two-leaf version of the Bit-00 uses an integrated side lock, and the locking cover cannot be separated; the three-leaf version uses a modular side lock design, and the locking cover can be separated, making it more suitable for DIY.

Bauhaus Design Style: The Bauhaus style is the most influential modernist design style of the 20th century. This style advocates against complicated decoration, it focuses more on the functionality of products and emphasizes simplicity and efficiency.