LautieEDC Bit-02 Fidget Spinner, Bit Series

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Unique Bit series design language: a post-modern industrial style design, with simple yet ingenious shape design, allowing Bit-02 to stand out among many complex-shaped fidget spinners.

Miniature design: The most important criterion for EDC items is portability, and excellent EDC items should be easy to carry with you. The compact size of Bit-02 meets the requirements of EDC items for portability, making it an excellent EDC fidget spinner.

DIY: Bit-02 has reserved 2 grooves for the tritium gas tube, which can accommodate 2*12mm Tritium vials. (Note: Due to customs restrictions, we are unable to sell Tritium vials to other countries. If you need tritium gas tubes, please purchase them on your own.)

Excellent craftsmanship: CNC machining is used to ensure that every detail is finely crafted, with no sharp edges or burrs, and a smooth and comfortable feel.

Rectangular shape: Unlike most fingertip spinners, Bit-02 pursues the beauty of geometry, and the rectangular outline, together with the circular lock cover in the middle, showcases the beauty of geometry.