LautieEDC Bit-03 Fidget Spinner, Bit Series


Benefiting from its lightweight design, this fidget spinner provides a comfortable hand feeling while spinning.

Stable spinning: The surfaces of Bit-03 are designed with large, curved, concave grooves that help balance the fidget spinner while in motion. The more stable the spinning, the more comfortable it is to play with.

Edges: Bit-03 has three straight edges that have been well-polished. This feature allows you to easily focus your power on the sides of Bit-03, making it easy to give it a hard push and spin it with a comfortable hand feeling.

DIY: Bit-03 has three grooves, each for 0.2-inch tiny beads. This feature increases the possibilities for DIY enthusiasts. When spinning at low speed, the beads hit each other and produce a fantastic sound. It provides a double enjoyment of both visual and tactile senses.

Appearance: To achieve a vintage look, every surface of Bit-03 has been polished to a smooth and delicate texture. Despite its simple appearance, every corner of the device has been meticulously handled.