LautieEDC Bit-04 Fidget Spinner, Bit Series

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The Bit-04’s lightweight design ensures a comfortable grip.

Unique bionic pupil design: Inspired by intelligent organs in science fiction, our minimalist lines express a futuristic vision for technology, giving the Bit-04 a unique and futuristic look.

Bit-04 has 4 grooves for installing tritium gas tubes, which, when added, will give it a beautiful glowing effect. (Please note that due to customs restrictions, we cannot sell tritium gas tubes to other countries. The product does not include the tritium gas tube. The following images are for demonstration purposes only. You can purchase them in your country. Tritium Gas Tube Size: 0.06*0.2in / 1.5*6mm.)

Middle-Layer Hollow Design: The middle-layer hollow design reduces the weight of the Bit-04, making it more lightweight. The elegant circular lines also give the Bit-04 a more sophisticated look. When combined with the tritium gas tube, it creates a stunning light effect when rotating at high speeds.

The Bit-04 is able to spin steadily for at least 2 minutes or more, thanks to its lightweight design and excellent bearings. It is a fantastic experience to watch this elegant fidget spinner spin quietly on your fingers.

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