LautieEDC Bit-09SE Fidget Spinner, Mechanical Style



Mechanical Style: The design inspiration for Bit-09SE comes from mecha movies, and we hope to incorporate the mecha elements in a balanced way into a fidget spinner. With the careful design of our talented designer NIKO, we have successfully created a small and compact fidget spinner that retains the weighty feel of mecha.

Meticulous craftsmanship: Every edge of Bit-09SE has been chamfered, making it smooth and comfortable to the touch. Every detail has been meticulously carved by advanced CNC lathes and polished by hand to varying degrees, ensuring that Bit-09SE not only boasts a cool appearance but also provides a comfortable grip.

Contrasting tones: To highlight the metallic texture of the mecha, we designed a simple contrasting color scheme for Bit-09SE, pairing black stainless steel with reddish-orange red copper, giving Bit-09SE a strong metallic feel.

Modular design: Composed of up to 16 independent parts, the highly modular design also means that it is easy to install. You can easily disassemble the parts of Bit-09SE for replacement or DIY. The reserved tritium tube slot supports installing up to 4 tritium tubes (tritium tube size: 3*11mm), and a mech can’t be without cool lights.

Magnetic quick-release design: The blades of Bit-09SE are installed with magnetic positioning, without screws, and only need to be symmetrically attached to complete the installation.

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