Co-branded product: Lautie EDC once again teams up with The HateDust Project to co-design this Lautie-styled HateDust bottle opener. Moreover, it is a limited-edition product with a worldwide sales limit of 500 units, adding to its higher collectible value.

Upgraded Design: To enhance the distinctiveness of this bottle opener, we have incorporated several unique modifications. It has a rounder and more adorable shape, intricate texture engravings, and compatibility with a hexagonal screwdriver. These distinctive designs not only make this bottle opener highly personalized but also practical in its functionality.

Your EDC Bottle Opener: This exquisitely designed and compact HateDust bottle opener is perfect for everyday carry. With the hole at its tail, you can easily attach it to a keychain as a stylish accessory that can be carried with you wherever you go.

Premium Material: This product is made of stainless steel and zirconium alloy.

Please Note: This product does not come with a paracord. If you need a paracord, you can buy it from the Capacity Pendant product page. (Click the blue text to access the product page.)

NOTE: This product is discontinued.

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