LautieEDC Crocbeats Clicker, Magnetic Fidget Toy, Spy Wars Series


A simple but stress-relieving toy: Returning to the essence of EDC culture, without complicated design, everything is just for you to take out and press this clip anytime, anywhere, allowing clear sounds and crisp vibrations to alleviate your anxiety.

A press-type magnetic toy: With the perfect combination of the center column and strong magnet, Crocbetas has excellent pressing feedback. After each press, the clip will quickly return to its original position under the action of the strong magnet, while making a crisp and pleasant metal collision sound.

Spy elements: The design inspiration comes from the telegraph machine in spy movies. When spies use telegraph machines to send Morse code quietly, the tapping sound of the telegraph machine’s keys is fascinating. The original intention of Crocbetas’ design is to simulate the vibration feedback and crisp sound produced when tapping the telegraph machine keys.

Tail hole design: The expandable DIY interface allows Crocbeats to not only be worn as a pendant, but also to be paired with other items for decoration.

Crocbetas: The name comes from Crocodile and beats, two words combined to form Crocbetas.