LautieEDC Dealer, Fidget Spinner, 2099 Series


Lucky symbol of poker culture: Dealer is a symbol of luck in poker games. A delicate Dealer will definitely attract the attention of the whole room and bring you good luck.

Pure 2099 series lineage: The Dealer continues the unique design language of the 2099 series and incorporates some elements of medieval culture, giving the Dealer a majestic and regal demeanor.

Exquisitely crafted: It is processed by advanced CNC lathes, and every detail on its surface has undergone varying degrees of manual polishing.

Unique gameplay: The Dealer can not only be rotated in your hand but also placed on the table for rotation. In tense poker games or work, rotating your Dealer at hand and watching it quietly spin in front of you is a good way to relieve anxiety.

Collectible item: With its unique design aesthetics and excellent workmanship, the Dealer is no longer just a regular EDC item, it can also be a valuable industrial artwork for collectors.