LautieEDC Devil’s Milk Cap Haptic Coin, 2099 Series

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NOTE: The ZircTi edition will be available for sale at 1:00 AM UTC on June 28th.

Milk bottle cap shape: Inspired by the standard milk bottle lid in life. Even the Devil likes to drink milk, and perhaps he’ll appreciate the unique design of this cap.

The cute skull logo inherits the usual design style of the 2099 series, making it not only cool but also very cute.

Magnetic Haptic Coin: Unlike traditional fidget toys, this devil’s milk cap has a unique way of playing and produces a comforting “Ta Ta” sound when slid.

Lightweight shape: Its light weight makes it easy to carry around. You will need such a small item to alleviate boredom when you feel bored.

Reliable structural design: Thanks to the excellent production process, the structure of the Devil’s Milk Cap is reliable enough to withstand long hours of sliding without loosening easily.

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