LautieEDC Jackpot, Fidget Spinner, 2099 Series

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Innovative Design: Inspired by vintage mechanical slot machines, our Jackpot combines retro charm with modern EDC functionality for a standout aesthetic and interactive experience. Its magnetic action mimics the captivating feel of a slot machine’s reels, complete with a classic lever-like handle. Each spin stimulates the senses with a vibration and a random dice outcome, making every attempt a fresh chance at the jackpot.

Tactile Versatility: Jackpot offers a customizable tactile experience, with each die able to hold up to six magnets for adjustable feedback. Personalization is simple and tool-free, from a smooth, magnet-free spin to a weighted turn with added magnets.

Modular Flexibility: Jackpot’s 62-part design embodies modularity, allowing for easy disassembly and reconfiguration. The standard kit’s variable screw lengths enable different dice combinations, while the potential to create personalized charms or pendants puts a creative spin on everyday carry items.