LautieEDC Mechanic-C Ring Spinner, Spy Wars Series

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This is a creative magnetic toy that can be flicked. It has a ring-like shape and it is small and portable, allowing you to relieve stress by putting it on your fingertips whenever and wherever possible.

Adjustable magnetic settings: By changing the number and direction of internal magnets, the feedback of hand feeling created by flicking this toy can be greatly varied.
0 magnet operates as the ring mode, and this toy can be smoothly rotated with a gentle flick;
1-2 magnets operate as the ratcheting mode, providing continuous and dense magnetic feedback which is similar to a ratcheting device;
3-5 magnets operate as the Buddha bead mode, providing a moderate feedback intensity that simulates the experience of flicking Buddha beads and making us experience the inner peace;
6-8 magnets operate as the strong magnetic mode, providing a passionate collision of magnets in the cavity along with a crisp sound.

Diverse appearance options: Different materials and textures bring a markedly different playing experience.

The rounded appearance provides a comfortable hand feeling, making it hard to resist holding it in your hands.