LautieEDC “Resistor” Pendant, EDC House


Decorative Pendant: The delicate and compact design of the “Resistor” pendant allows it to serve as a decorative accessory for various personal items. You can use it as a necklace, knife pendant, backpack ornament, keychain, and more…

Modular Features: Following the design principle of “less is more”, the structure of the “Resistor” pendant is extremely simple. The entire product consists of only three finely crafted and replaceable universal parts, giving the “Resistor” pendant a highly modular feature.

Your Personal Pendant: Stay Cool & Be Different! We do not sell the pre-assembled “Resistor” pendant. Instead, we offer 14 different materials/colors of accessories. You can mix and match these accessories according to your personality and create your unique “Resistor” pendant!

REMIND: One “Resistor” pendant consists of TWO Outer Rings and ONE Center Column.

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