LautieEDC Shuffle KK Fidget Slider, 2099 Series

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Based on the design concept of combining poker culture and EDC fidget toys, Shuffle is not only slim in appearance like poker, but it also highly simulates poker’s gameplay. When you slide the two sides of Shuffle away from each other, you’ll see its two different sides.

A flat sliding surface and strong magnets provide a smooth and comfortable sliding experience, while the simple structure ensures sturdiness and further enhances the smoothness.

Unique poker card design. There are several materials inside the Shuffle deck, which give it pretty colors and make it more special.

The design concept aims to make EDC fidget toys funnier and more diverse, helping to alleviate anxiety and providing enjoyment.

The 2-row magnet slide rails have good damping, thanks to their multiple sliding segments design. The enhanced fixing screws make them sturdy and firmly fixed.

Click here for information about the leather holster for Shuffle.

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