LautieEDC “Wormhole” Pendant, EDC HOUSE


Creative Design: A small decorative pendant can also showcase the fascinating charm of theoretical physics. Inspired by science fiction movies, we have integrated the concept of a wormhole into this pendant. Through clever structural design, we have achieved a visual effect where the paracord disappears on one side and reappears on the other as if it were passing through a miniature Einstein-Rosen bridge.

Wormhole Structure: This “wormhole” pendant perfectly blends the geometric beauty of circles and squares, connected by a concave tunnel in the middle, resembling a miniature wormhole model. The paracord can pass along the edge of the concave tunnel, creating an illusion where the paracord seems to vanish and reappear.

Decorate Your EDC Gear: We offer three different material combinations for you to choose from. Additionally, you can select your preferred paracord based on your aesthetic preferences, making your EDC gear more appealing.