LautieEDC X-Lock 2.0 Fidget Slider, Spy Wars Series

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The three-body structure enhanced the reliability of X-Lock 2.0, and 12 strong magnets formed a dense magnetic array to provide clear feedback for pushing and pulling.

The newly added Spy Wars nameplate makes X-Lock 2.0 look cooler than the old version, and it also covers the magnet grooves to keep them away from dirt.

Thanks to the advanced CNC lathe used in the production process, all X-Lock 2.0 products boast delicate carving with no rough surfaces or sharp corners, providing a comfortable grip.

Extended double-end design enhances its gripping feel and provides X-Lock 2.0 a better feedback for pushing and pulling than the old version.

Unique Lautie Spy Wars series style: As with other Lautie Spy Wars products, X-Lock 2.0 kept the essential design language of the Spy Wars series. That makes it unique and different from common EDC products.

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